A bit about me, and my coaching

Hey there, I’m Raven. I identify as genderqueer and bisexual, a parent of teens, a force of creative chaos, and a damn fine cook.

Above all I am a nurturer; a listening ear and a firm encourager. It is my passion to help you see how incredible you already are, and how brilliantly you can shine.

I have been and done many things through my life, but they have always been underpinned by compassion, curiosity, joy and most of all, courage. My coaching is no different.

From the everyday of raising children, to creating willow sculptures and patchwork banners at festivals, supporting refugees of all ages, navigating my own emerging sexuality and gender identity, catering for storytelling courses, envisioning collaborative arts events – I’m grateful every day to have had the experiences, good and bad, that brought me to who I am today.

Get in touch for a no obligation coaching conversation; my gift to you. This way you can experience coaching with me, ask me any questions, and figure out if working together would be something of value to you.

My current coaching packages are for three or six months. This often works best as one session every two weeks, although this is obviously flexible according to your needs and we would definitely discuss this in person. I am well aware that every human is different and works differently!

Three months : £775 ($1050/ 975)
Six months : £1450 ($2025/ 1850)

Sessions are normally offered over Zoom, or if you are in Sheffield I also offer the choice of face to face coaching in a local cafe, or outdoors/walking coaching.