Being ridiculous and embracing fun

I could have launched an “updated price list” or a “creative project support package”, but how boring is that? So no, I played with various metaphors for what I do, and thought what embodies the spirit of helping you to find your joy, overcome obstacles, and get to where you feel fulfilled? And of course it’s The Sound of Music isn’t it! While it felt fun to play with, it also felt utterly daft to share with the world – but tough shit, as they say. So here it is! My regular 6 & 3 session coaching blocks remain unchanged (£375 and £195 respectively), but if you want something more focussed, now’s your chance. Whiskers on kittens, I love this!

Storytellers, artists, creatives of all genres! Got a vague project sloshing about in your brain but you can’t seem to pin it down? Got an idea you’re really hyped about but not sure how to bring it to fruition? Have a project pretty much fully formed but it needs that final push to get it over the brow of the hill?

How would it feel to have someone alongside you as you create, someone to bounce ideas off, to cheer you on and to keep you on track and moving forwards? Someone who knows about the creative process, understands the frustrations and the excitement, and is 100% fired up to get you to where you want to be.

Well GUESS WHAT, have I got just the thing for you my beauty! I’m offering a four week (+1) ‘Artist’s Intensive’ coaching package, for just £450. And because it’s the summer holidays and I’m done being sensible, I’m calling it the Maria von Trapp package – because this is to going to support you over your metaphorical Alps and into Switzerland 🏔️💪

What will you get? For four weeks (or whatever timescale you need) leading up to your target (performance, project launch, tour, exhibition, festival, editorial submission, etc)
✨ Four hour long coaching sessions (one a week) with me to get you up and over your mountains
✨ One debrief “You made it to Switzerland, what’s next?” session afterwards, to check in on what went well, what needs tweaking (and how), and exploring any next steps
✨ Two 30min ‘first aid calls’ that you can book at short notice if something suddenly crops up that you need help with
✨ Plus any resources, materials, exercises I have in my own toolkit that I think might be of use to you

I can’t guarantee any encouraging and catchy songs to jolly you along (although maybe….who knows….), but get your curtain-dungarees on, give your antagonists the slip and let’s do this. 

You have something incredible that the world needs, let’s get it out there. Interested? Drop me a message and let’s chat!

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