Who’s in your support network? 🌱 And I don’t just mean, who can you turn to for help, but, who makes you smile, even if you don’t know their name? Who makes a grey day brighter when you bump into them in the shop? Who has similar taste for film or book recommendations? Like the underground networks that hold a forest together, we all make connections, big and small, that hold us through life. 

I meet people out on my dog walk, I chat with the checkout staff up the road, I ask the barista how their course is going. I love meeting people, I love connecting, however briefly. You might be the ‘smile in passing’ that lifts somebody’s rubbish day, yours might be the ‘hey let’s get coffee’ that reconnects a forgotten friendship. We all hold each other. We are all humans, just muddling through.

What connections will you make today?

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