Winter Wind-down

Ever wanted to just… hibernate? Like, curl up in a cozy ball and sleep, worry free, until the light comes back?

Why don’t we? Our bodies want to, our souls want to. Winter is a time for slowing down, drawing in, resting – but how many of us manage to do that?

No animal can hibernate without preparing for it, and that includes us. Heading into the dark and cold of winter, I’m going to  be offering a three week course to help you declutter your dreams, clear out your spiritual cupboards, and trim down your to do list. So you can take a well earned break this winter, and head back out in January to a clean kitchen, well rested and ready to cook up new magic. Book your place here!

The format: A group coaching call (three of ’em!), led by me, where we can share thoughts and plans in a safe and supported space.

What we’ll cover:

Week One: A chance to take stock, and look at what is cluttering up our lives. What does winter mean to you? How would you like it to feel?

Week Two: A time to clear out! What do we need to do to let go of what no longer serves us? Let’s sweep the floors, bag up the trash, and floof the cushions.

Week three: The tidy up. What’s still left to do? Is there anything we missed? And now our house is in order, what does ‘rest’ look like? Time to curl up with a blanket and settle in for a break.

This course will run 7-8pm on the 5th, 12th and 19th December, for just £150. It will contain listening, connections, trees, fire, soft blankets, deep questions, and goodness knows what else because I don’t know what you’ll bring!

It’s easy to let ourselves get overwhelmed with busy, and in our modern world, busy doesn’t stop for the winter. All around us, nature is drawing in, closing down, but us? Black Friday! New projects! Christmas shopping! Tax returns! Holiday planning! It’s too much.

You can book your place using this link. If you’d love to join but can’t make the evening time slot, drop a comment below as I may consider running a daytime one too if there’s interest. Let’s make this winter restful, cozy and stress-free.

lit candles on a windowsill
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Shonaleigh cumbers
Shonaleigh cumbers
1 year ago

I would really like to be part if this it sounds wonderful. Need to check dates and budgets but looks amazing x

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