Woah there! What’s the hurry?

I took my own counsel this Christmas, and switched the fuck off. I spent Christmas and new year chilling with my family, watching ridiculous TV, cooking and eating a delightful excess of food, and talking to my kids. Yes I had flu (or something like it), but I recovered because I had time to truly rest.

I know scheduling exists, I just… didn’t, OK? I didn’t answer any emails, I didn’t post informative tips about surviving Christmas with people you don’t get on with, or how to set up your New Year’s resolutions, or even reviewing your 2022 to see how far you’ve come (and you have, trust me – go you!). And guess what, NOBODY DIED. I didn’t lose all my followers, my business didn’t crash and burn for lack of engagement, I didn’t miss out on 10k of income (or maybe I did, who knows).

But what’s this? Oh look, it’s January, time to GO GO GO! Back to work, New Year’s resolutions, get fit, get busy, get organised… isn’t that right? Look, I hate to break this to you, but it’s still winter. Just because the Gregorian calendar says the year has started anew doesn’t mean your natural rhythms just bounce into action-mode again.

We’re told to stay so busy all the time – stay “relevant”, stay on it, stay connected – so this is me saying fuck that noise, and giving you permission to take a damn break. Two hours, two days, two weeks – draw a boundary around your time and stick to it. Take your time, ease back gently with the slowly lengthening days – life isn’t going anywhere without you.

We’ll all still be here when you get back, you have my word.

Wooden cabins buried under thick, peaceful snow
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