New Year, new approach

One thing I have set myself to do this year is restart my blog. My inner demon says why bother, nobody is interested – but I’ve had a stern conversation with him (doing my own exercises from Courage Quest: that shit works, who knew?!) and determined that every time he tries do drag me back down with “you don’t need to do that” I will respond with “but… what if I do it anyway?”. So, I’m going to write my blog.

The other big sticking point has been… but how? I kinda resent spending time on the computer when I’d rather be downstairs on the sofa with my family, plus I feel like I always have to wait until inspiration strikes and perfect reflections skitter from keyboard to screen. And at the same time… I journal pretty much every day. Big thoughts, gratitude, conundrums, passing shiny ideas. I can journal in a cafe, on the sofa, at my desk; I put pen to paper and I can write pages!

So, hold up. Who says I can’t ‘write’ my blog posts? I can’t keep up with doing something I don’t find joy in. I’ve tried that and it never lasts. And where is my joy in writing? Turns out: actually writing.

Here’s to throwing out the rule book and doing things the way that I want to do them. Let’s gooooo!

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